Painting Wreckers In The Sun

Painting Wreckers In The Sun

Here on the coast of sunny Spain, (and further inland) we know that most villas, apartments and establishments have been built equipped with metal bars across doors, windows, around pools, acompanying staircases, balconies…Therefore we have been asked over the years many times about changing the colour of them, and/or which paint would be best to use…

The Secret Is In The Preparation!

We will always say the same thing: the secret is in the preparation! And the extra bit of care when choosing paint products for different surfaces made of distinct materials for different purposes, goes a long way!

We sand and clean all metal work prior to the application of any paint with specific and proffessional products, ensuring good adherance to every part of each surface.

Exterior Items Need Care & Maintenance

Anything located in the exterior perimeter of our properties here in Spain needs care and maintanence, so don’t wait to long to take care of your safety, and keep your wreckers looking good and strong all year round!

If you need any further information please call Jeff on 690811138 – Coast and Country Painters

Article Written by:

Jeff Morrow
Coast & Country Painters

Tel: +34 690 811 138

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