Become A CBBA Member

If you’re in business and want to grow your business, then consider joining the CBBA.

At the heart of our group are our fortnightly meetings where we exchange/refer business we have found for each other. We actively listen out for business opportunities in between meetings and let each other know of any business referrals we find. At the meetings, we formerly record all referrals so that we can continue to monitor our success.

The CBBA is  a great place to find like minded, professional and trustworthy businesses who can recommend you!


In Becomming A CBBA Member?

If you’re interested, you can come along to one of the meetings, meet the members and see how it works.

You can attend up to two meetings as a Guest in order to find out more about the CBBA

All you need to do is either mail and let us know who you are or complete the Guest Attendence Form below and a Membership Committee Member will contact you .

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Guest Attendance Form


The Application Process

If you then wish to join , you will be asked to complete an Application Form. References and checks on your legal trading status will be taken up . Current CBBA members will be advised of your application, and can object if they see any conflict of interests. 

Subject to acceptance, a fee of €200 per annum must be paid.  Attendance is charged at €10 per meeting, to cover breakfast and room hire. (Your first meeting as a guest is FREE!)

One important thing to note is that we allow only one member per type of business, so there’s only 1 electrician, 1 plumber, 1 of anything! Thus if there’s already someone doing what you’re doing, you’d have to wait until that ‘seat’ is available! But do contact us if you are interested and you’ll be added to a waiting list.

Do you have any question about the CBBA?

Get in touch and we will be happy to help!