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Being a member of the CBBA has helped me in a professional and personal level, in several ways. Most notably the advice and opinions of fellow members who are at different stages of their business careers and have different backgrounds to me. All knowledge is freely shared and at times is priceless in its benefits to help me grow a successful and prosperous business.
Being a member of the CBBA has helped me grow my small business to a medium sized operation by introducing me to the world of Networking and how a serious group of business people make the exchanges of quality referrals work. Some of the work carried out from these referrals has developed into repeat and new business. It’s been a great decision to join the CBBA.
Being a member of the CBBA has helped me develop long lasting relationships with like-minded business professionals, has created opportunities through referral marketing and has helped grow my business and presentation skills. It is my main source of new business and meeting new contacts.
Being a member of the cbba has helped us grow our business, having received many valuable referrals and clients. It has also allowed us to establish professional relationships with other members, which has allowed us to increase the range of services we can offer.
The CBBA helped me get established as a legitimate business in the beginning. Then, it provided me with invaluable contacts, information, and obviously business leads. A massively important part of my business here in Spain.
For me, it’s always been amazing to have so much knowledge on the end of the phone, present and past members. A real wealth of knowledge and advice. Oh, and the bacon and eggs at the breakfast meetings!
As a new member I feel that my business is really benefiting from the help and support of other long-term members that run successful and well-established professional businesses on the Costa Blanca.
Last year was particularly good with high value good quality work that came from the group. That along with the advertising and general support is why I'm glad to be a member.
Where else can you go for 90 minutes, have a fantastic breakfast, learn something about business, get a heads up on tax and legal matters, network with like-minded business people and literally get given quality business leads… all for 10€.
I own VillaMia - and have been a member of the CBBA for over two years. It has been great connecting with other reputable businesses, many that have benefitted my clients. The fortnightly meetings are also good as we share knowledge and learn new things, as well as sharing referrals in the group.
For me the knowledge of everyone in their field so the support network and the friendship
Important for me is the network aspect, in contact with multiple trades and a source of local, up to date information.
In my case the balance couldn't be more positive. It is hard for me to quantify the number of new builds, refurbishments, technical projects, documents, surveys, EPC, and certifications I have done since I joined the CBBA. In addition, an incredible network of professionals composed by current and ex members and many others known by offering a professional service or by recommendations.
One of the major benefits of being a CBBA member to our business is access to a network of trades that support us and our end clients in a speedy and professional manner. It’s also very useful to have other business people to discuss the various aspects of running a business on a daily basis.
As a member of the CBBA, I can attest to the numerous benefits it has brought to my own business. One of the most significant advantages of the CBBA is the support and reputation built by the group's conduct. As a member, I am confident recommending any other member's service to my network because I know they will conduct themselves professionally and courteously. Since becoming a member of the group two years ago, we have received many good quality leads from other members. The CBBA meets every two weeks for breakfast, creating a friendly and social environment for members to connect and seek advice from other business owners. It has been an incredible help in running my own business and getting valuable insights from other professionals.

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