Costa Blanca Business Association

Living as an expat here in Spain is truly wonderful - until things go wrong! The answer is to find a professional, trustworthy, and legal business or trades person to get the job done correctly in the first place.

The Costa Blanca Business Association (CBBA) members offer a variety of trades and services and work hard to ensure they offer excellent products, customer service and value for money.


Who to turn to that you can trust?

The CBBA is a business networking and referrals organisation set up approximately 17 years ago.

It is a legally formed association based on quality rather than quantity, it has become a trusted and established source of businesses supplying a wide range of goods and services to people living here in the Costa Blanca.

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Businesses You Can Trust

It’s often said for every legit builder there are twice as many running around in beaten up white vans, doing everything cash, totally uninsured if they break something, and not available if the job isn’t done properly.

We can’t say how true that is, but we can say, when you use a member of the CBBA, you can be assured that they are operating legally, and will stand by their work.

All our members are ‘vetted’ to ensure they’re ‘in the system’ and paying taxes. In short, a CBBA member is trustworthy, professional and honest.

And if things go really wrong, then we can exert pressure to make sure issues are sorted properly. So if you have any job, no matter how small or large, there’s a strong likelihood that one of our members can help!

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