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The Benefits of CBBA’s 1-Stop Shop Solution

The Benefits of CBBA’s 1-Stop Shop Solution

The Costa Blanca Business Association (CBBA) is a group of local and diverse businesses that enables the CBBA to offer a 1-stop shop solution to meet most client’s needs. The CBBA members and their businesses range from tradespeople to legal, from marketing services to property services. They formally meet every 2 weeks where they exchange referrals and support for business.

What is a referral?

As our members go about their business, they get to meet all sorts of people. We often get asked, “do you know someone who can do such and such”. Because of the diversity of our members, very often the often is “yes”, and they are fellow CBBA members. Each member can refer business to another member –  a referral.

1-Stop Shop

Some jobs will naturally require several businesses to complete a job. For example, someone might say “I’m looking to build a new pool”. This a perfect 1-stop shop enquiry as the customer will possibly need all the following services:

  • Architect – to draw up plans and submit to the authorities for planning approval
  • Tax accountant – to understand how much the works might affect their SUMA liability
  • Lawyer – to ensure all the property legal documents are in order
  • Builder – to actually build the pool
  • Pool Technician – to ensure all the pump work and circulation heating systems are provided
  • Plumber – to ensure the mains supply is connected properly
  • Electrician – to upgrade the property supply and ensure the electricals are properly installed and certified
  • Insurance Broker – to ensure the new pool is properly insured 
  • Money transfer specialist – to transfer cash from a UK bank account to pay for the works
  • Kitchen company – because let’s face it, you may as well have a summer kitchen at the same time

Imagine the benefits of all these people knowing each other and working together as a team. Imagine one of them acting as the project leader and being a single point of contact for you. That’s the power of the CBBA and it’s 1-Stop Shop Solutions.

Case in Point

Initial Contact

Recently, Jeff Morrow of Coast and Country Painters was asked to quote to repaint a pool coronation and surrounding balustrade. No problem, Jeff gets asked this all the time. He has the knowledge of the special paint required, how to properly prepare the coronation and the team and expertise to do the job properly. 

The “Do You Know Someone” Moment

Whilst with the client, he was asked if he knew anyone who could solve a problem with the pool pipework. His neighbour’s pool pipework had recently failed and he wanted to be sure he was OK.

Calling in Other Specialist

Jeff called Simon Spragg of TechPools and asked him to pop around and take a look. Sure enough, the pipework was on the verge of failing, which would have left the customer with a very nasty problem, and a huge water bill!  At the same time, Simon was able to advise on the correct management of the pool thus further improving the experience.

Teamwork from the CBBA 

CBBA members Jeff and Simon then worked together as a team to organise the crown refurbishment, pool structural refurbishment, balustrade painting, plant room control room refurbishment, water delivery and water balancing for the swimming pool. 


Good For Clients

It’s clear that using a CBBA member has huge benefits. Each member has immediate access to a huge range of experts and specialists who can work hand in hand to solve the big-picture problem, not just their part of it. The CBBA’s 1-Stop Shop solution also means fewer people to deal with, and peace of mind knowing that there can be no blame-game shenanigans should something need fixing.

Good For Members

It’s also clear that if you’re in business, being a member of CBBA presents a continual stream of qualified business opportunities. The case study above is just one example of what happens regularly!  The opportunity to get work through a referral from a trusted source is one of the best forms of marketing. You’re known, you’re trusted, your experience speaks for itself, and above all, you can offer a level of accountability to your clients that few can match. If you’re in business and want to be part of the Costa Blanca’s only referral and network group, contact us with a view to joining one of our bi-weekly meetings as a guest.

The CBBA is the Costa Blanca’s Leading business network and should be your first port of call for a whole range of services.

Article by:- 

President CBBA