Why Join The Costa Blanca Business Association

Why Join The Costa Blanca Business Association?

You’re running a business on the Costa Blanca but how do you get people to recommend you and not your rivals? Everyone knows the best form of marketing is word of mouth.

By joining the CBBA, your fellow members will have your back and recommend your services to their customers who, in turn, become your customers.

What is the Costa Blanca Business Association?

The Costa Blanca Business Association is a business networking organisation that meets every fortnight. The main aim is to exchange referrals to help businesses grow. Indeed, the CBBA reckons to have shared more than €500,000 of business last year.

Each organisation is vetted to make sure it is operating legally. That way customers can be assured they are dealing with trustworthy, professional and honest business people.

Why join the CBBA?

For many reasons. Here are why some existing CBBA members joined – and stayed.

Builders Costa Blanca“I am the sole remaining founder member of the group which was started by 12 small businesses about 15 years ago. Our aim was to provide referrals to each other for work which we could guarantee would be carried out by professionals.

The group has worked well and at one time I reckon I used to get about 80% of my work through the CBBA.

There are other advantages of CBBA membership in addition to the referral process. These are not always noticed but I value benefits such as:

– Referrals received are usually successful as fellow members understand your business.

– Clients trust you as a member of the CBBA. They have no problem handing over money to you for deposits etc and engaging your services due to this trust.

– Any guarantee a member company may give is strengthened by CBBA membership.

– I have often used CBBA members as a resource for advice, help with pricing and other technical and even personal support.

– I can rely on other members to not let me down if I subcontract them or send them to my clients to do work.

CBBA has been constructive in the development of Handycall. All in all, it works very well, and I do think that the additional benefits of membership outlined above are not always fully appreciated,”

Says Graham Mavin at Handycall Construction.


Impley Accounts and Tax Javea Costa Blanca“I joined the CBBA nine years ago when I was an employee for another company.

My boss at the time didn’t believe the benefits of such an association and sent it me to verify it. The first year was hard, as the basics of the CBBA is the trust with the members and this trust needs to be achieved. But after one year of assisting the CBBA, the turnover of the company increased as a consequence of the recommendations received.

Clients referred to me by the CBBA feel more comfortable coming to my business as they have some references.

When I started my own business, I was sure that I wanted to be a member of the CBBA again. Thankfully it was a vacant position for a member in my category and I could join the association again,”

Says Laura Miralles Server, lawyer and tax advisor at Impley.


Carpenter Costa Blanca“I joined the CBBA about 13 years ago. I had just moved to Spain and needed to make contacts so that I could launch my business.

“Not only has the referral system led me to customers but I have also made good friends within the group,”

Says Mick Wheatland, carpenter.



 Want to join the CBBA?

Costa Blanca Business Association (CBBA)
CIF: G54400049
Los Arcos
N-332, km 194
03750 Pedreguer

Email: info@cbba.es