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Spain – Who Is Moving And Why?

Spain – Who Is Moving And Why?

Apart from the obvious source that is “Real Estate Agents“,  Removal companies are the ones who have “boots on the ground” information on who is moving, are houses selling and who to? This article relates only to information of  movements in and out of Spain. 

Moving To Spain From The UK

Our truck is always full coming back from the UK with people moving to Spain. But.. they are a different kind of clientele to previous years and decades. Usually they are buying houses for 500k + ( and much much more) they are running their businesses remotely or indeed working remotely full stop.

There are a few still doing it the hard way (trying to find work) but not many.

Moving From Spain To The UK

The main type of people we are moving back to the UK are elderly people, (couples or widowed) whose  family have insisted it’s time for them to move back.

This year, we have seen a noticeable increase in World-wide moving with British people moving long distance with America, Canada and Australia being the usual top 3 . And again, retired couples heading over to be with family.

Who’s buying their houses in Spain?

At the moment … predominantly  it’s the Dutch . Of course there are a good handful of other nationalities, I don’t know the percentages, but every time I ask , the answer from our clients is usually “Dutch”. 

There is always a steady trickle of Brits moving to and from France, mainly because it’s cheaper in Spain / cooler in France in Summer.

Portugal Interest Growing

Portugal is getting more and more interest and we quote on a lot more removals from Spain to Portugal than ever before.

At the moment it seems it is people testing the water and making enquiries but for sure we will be heading West more this year and next.

Removals Locally

In and around the Costa Blanca nearly all our local removals are people downsizing and without doubt that would be again, retired people moving from their big villas into an apartment within walking distance to the village or town centre.

Valencia city centre is getting very popular and apartments on the 2nd,3rd and even 4th floor with no elevators seem to be a good idea for some unknown reasons that we can never work out why?


We can move people anywhere. Nothing fazes us. We will have been there before.

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