VAT increase on electricity!

ATTENTION! VAT increase on electricity!

VAT increase on electricity!

In January 2024, the VAT increase on electricity moved from the previous 5% to 10%. However, VAT on electricity has again increased from 10% to 21% as of 1 March 2024. 

This is an increase of 11%, which will be immediately applied to the invoice for March.

Higher Electricity Bills

You will therefore see that from this month onwards your energy bill will be higher, for the same number of kW of electricity consumed, than you are used to.

That is why we give you 11 reasons why you should choose a solar energy installation from SolarNRG:

  1. Reduced costs of your electricity bill
  2. Increase the value of your home
  3. SolarNRG provides you with professional advice
  4. Become less dependent on energy companies
  5. Contribute to a green future
  6. It is a reliable way of generating energy
  7. SolarNRG supplies high quality products
  8. Extend the life of your roof
  9. Increasingly shorter payback period
  10. Little to no maintenance
  11. SolarNRG has high customer satisfaction

Invest in Solar Energy with SolarNRG

Investing in solar energy with SolarNRG not only leads to reduced electricity bill costs but also enhances your home’s value, offering a practical and eco-friendly solution. SolarNRG ensures you receive professional advice to tailor the system to your needs, allowing you to become less reliant on energy companies while contributing to a sustainable future. With a proven track record of reliability, SolarNRG provides high-quality products that not only generate energy efficiently but also protects you from future energy cost increases. Moreover, with increasingly shorter payback periods and minimal maintenance requirements, choosing SolarNRG guarantees satisfaction among its customers.

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