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Why Low E Glass Should Be Fitted With Every Door And Window Replacement?

Why Low E Glass Should Be Fitted With Every Door And Window Replacement?

And You Will Never Know, Because They All Look The Same!!

What is Low E Glass?

Low E glass, or low emissivity glass, is a type of glass used in double glazing that has a thin metallic coating on its surface. This coating is designed to reflect heat back into the room, making it an effective way to reduce heat loss through windows.

Energy Efficient

One of the main benefits of Low E glass in double glazing is its energy efficiency. By reflecting heat back into the room, low emissivity glass can help to keep a property warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, reducing the need for heating and air conditioning. This can lead to significant energy savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.

Reduces Condensation

In addition, low emissivity glass can also help to reduce condensation on windows, which can be a common problem in poorly insulated homes. This can help to prevent damage to window frames and reduce the risk of mold and damp.

Cost Effective

Overall, low emissivity glass is a cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency of a property and create a more comfortable living environment.

Choose The Right Company

And sadly you cannot see Low E glass, it looks the same, so you must choose a window company you can trust here in Spain.

At Crystal Windows, we will only supply products in Spain with low emissivity glass as we know the amazing benefits and will not compromise our honesty to our clients.

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