The Perfect Time To Get Your Pool Back Into Top Condition

It’s been a strange year for most of us. As a pool technical specialist, one thing we’ve seen, is more people spending time in their villa and enjoying their pool. That is, until something goes wrong.  That’s where we come in.

The Pool Specialists

At Pool Technical Services (PTS), we specialize in the building, maintenance and repairs of pools of all shapes and sizes. It’s surprisingly technical work for which we’ve invested heavily in all sorts of diagnosis equipment.

It usually starts with a phone call saying something like “we’ve got a small leak in our pool and we’ve tried to fix it, but it just keeps coming back”.  What we usually find is that an unqualified person has simply scraped away a bit of grouting and put some fresh grouting in its place.  It might work for a while, but it’s never going to fix the problem. It needs more than just a sticking plaster.

Pool Problems – Find The Real Cause

At PTS, we always start with trying to find the real cause of the problem. Sadly, we find that in many cases the pol has been constructed wrongly.

When constructing a pool, you start with a steel cage.  This needs to be made with steel bars of the right thickness. This ensures the integrity of the pool. Then you add the concrete, again of the correct spec, then add a waterproof coating layer, then tiled and grouted, and of course filled.  Throughout this process, plumbing is built in for filters and heating etc.

Most repairs we do are where the steel cage is compromised because the steel bars making up the cage are simply too thin.  It saves money initially, but, in time, the pool will leak.

Our Investment In Pool Diagnostic Equipment

You might be wondering how we can diagnose this in a completed pool.  This is where our investment in many different types of diagnostic equipment comes in. Our latest piece of equipment is an electro-magnetic scanner which can tell us where the steel bars are, how thick they are, and how far under the surface they are. We can build up a complete picture of the pool, and we know exactly where the problems are.

That way, we can embark on a repair to the pool which we can be sure is the correct repair, ensuring years of problem free pool use.

Got A Pool Problem? Contact Us!

If you’re in a position where you have a leaking pool and you want it fixed properly, call Pool Technical Services on 679637623 or 965744821 and we’ll pop round and give you an initial assessment.

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