Should You Use MDF for Internal Doors?

Many people choose MDF for internal doors and architraves because they come in modern designs and finishes and are often a cheaper option than traditional wood.

Is It The Right Choice?

However, the material is not moisture resistant and even overzealous mopping can cause extensive damage at floor level. Normally Bathroom and Shower room doors suffer the most from moisture/water damage.  And if a flood occurs in a house the usual outcome is that the doors, frames and architraves have to be removed entirely and totally replaced.

With any water damage the MDF soaks up the available moisture and expands resulting in the external coating exploding.

Kitchen cupboard doors and plinth are often made out of coated MDF and the same problems apply with moisture.


External Doors?

I would also never recommend using this material for external purposes.  I have on occasions seen the consequences where house owners have not been made aware prior to installation that the material is MDF.  Unfortunately, there is no magic wand and the situation cannot usually be rectified without considerable time and expense.

I would therefore advise people to think carefully before purchasing new doors in this material.

Mick Wheatland
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