Summer Driving – A Few Basic Safety Tips

Safety First

We all know that when we get behind the steering wheel of a car safety should be foremost on our mind

Now the Summer holidays are upon us, millions of journeys will be made by Spaniards and foreigners alike, before starting the journey a few basic tips to minimise the risk of an interrupted journey

Check your Tyres

First of all it it is worth checking the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, too much or too little pressure can influence the consumption of the vehicle and also the braking distance of the car

And don’t forget the poor old spare tyre, never looked at, never thought of, but when needed it gets you out of trouble, as long as it has air in it!!

Check Levels

Check all your levels, oil, brake and refrigeration fluids, this will avoid the car overheating during a long journey under a scorching Summer sun

Check Lights

Ensure all the lights are working, especially the brake lights, there will be an automatic fine if stopped because they are faulty

Even In Record Low Movements, Accidents Happen

In 2020, a year of record low movements on Spanish roads, there were still 870 fatalities and just under 3.500 hospitalizations, apart from broken windscreens, robbery, fire and mechanical failure.

Insurance Required

This shows why Insurance is not only required by law, but also necessary when making a claim to cover the repair or replacement costs of your vehicle

Advice Available

If you have any doubts about the procedure in completing the claims form, in case of an accident (you may have it just in Spanish), you can seek advice from Franco at Hermanos Chorro on 96 579 6071

I wish you all a Happy Summer and trouble free driving!

Article Written by:-

Franco Valori
Hermanos Chorro
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