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Locked out your Home? Don’t get ripped off by some unscrupulous Locksmith!

Being locked out of your home is stressful enough without having to add insult to injury by being ripped off by the locksmith who comes to get you back in.

We at Barclay‘s Key-Holding & Locksmiths, get to hear of many stories where homeowners have been stuck with an expensive bill they never expected.

Horror stories …

Many horror stories and TV programmes report ‘rogue traders’.  To protect yourself from being “taken for a ride” or ripped off make sure to ask how much the service costs BEFORE asking them to come to your home or business.

For example, a person locked out in Madrid asked how much to open his door, the Locksmith said €70, but when he arrived and had carried out the job he charged €300 … €70 was for his dispatch, €70 was for ‘unreasonable hours’, €100 was labour, and the rest was tax.

Never sign anything until you know exactly what you are paying for, in the small print it could say you accept the cost of the job, whatever it may end up being.  Be especially careful if the document is in a language you don’t fully understand.

Questions to ask before an emergency service is despatched to you …

Be direct, ask them if they work for themselves, or being sent by a call centre / service company

If they ask for a credit card detail over the phone before even coming to your house, REFUSE.

Never sign any document to say you authorise them to carry out work before knowing all the charges.  Ask to read the small print and ask for a crystal-clear quote

Example phone call with a Locksmith …

Caller:                 Hello, I’m locked out can you help me?
Locksmith:         Can you describe why you need my service?
Caller:                 Yes, I have walked out of my door and left keys in the lock on the inside.
Locksmith:         Where do you live? (conversation about location … )
Caller:                 What is your call out charge?
Locksmith:         €70
Caller:                 What does this include?  (tax? dispatch? materials?)

If they don’t give you straight answers, don’t commit.

At this point you have still not paid for anything.

Who We are

We will always provide you with an accurate, honest and competitive quote before carrying out any work for you.

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What do we offer?

  • 24hr Locksmith service – locked in, locked out, installation, etc
  • 24hr Family-run Key-Holding Service
  • Master-key and keyed-alike systems for your home
  • Protected keys – only copiable by us – latest key-cutting technology
  • Key-cutting in store
  • Safes – opening and supply
  • Security review of your home
  • and other security solutions – or referrals if we don’t have it

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