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Javier Leonardo Rímolo, architect in Valencia.

Javier Leonardo Rímolo is an architect from the University of Buenos Aires, practicing the profession since 1990. In addition to his Bachelor’s degree, he has a Master’s degree in the Teaching of Architectural Design from the Polytechnic University of Zürich, Switzerland, a Master’s degree in Risk Prevention from the Menéndez y Pelayo University, a master’s degree in Civil and Commercial Mediation from the Higher Institute of Law and Economics, Madrid and a master’s degree in Valuation Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He has developed his profession and continuous training in Argentina, Switzerland and Spain as an architect as part of a studio, as an individual as well as during  teaching architecture. Since 1997 he has lived in Spain, where, together with his business partner Vicente Ciriaco Grosso, they have two offices. They have developed all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial building work. In addition, Javier carrys out real estate appraisals for financial entities and acts as a judicial expert for the Administration of Justice, as well as for law firms. He also belongs to several professional and expert associations.

Javier dedicates himself to various activities of his profession. As an architect, he explains to us that the action most required by his clients is to hold the figure of the “project manager”, that is, to assist the client in all aspects related to the realization of a project from the choice of the property until the completion of the project. The client therefore can enjoy the finished product and have their expectations met.

The main reason why Javier chose his profession was for the client interaction. Working with other people to materialize a project is teamwork and continually provides for learning for any professional. He believes that the only way to carry out a project is to approach the client with all open mind, understand their needs and empathize with them.

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Here we have some frequently asked questions.

Q> How is the cost of an architectural project calculated? On what factors is the calculation based?

A> The way traditionally used in our sector to determine the cost of a project is to be based on construction price scales, calculating the potential total cost of the works and therefore to determine the percentage that would correspond to the mission entrusted in the professional.

As it is a negotiation, the proposals and opinions that the client has on costs and fees must be assumed as another vision, attended to and understood to reach a final agreement.

Q>What problems can be avoided by hiring an architect?

A> First, problems with authorities are avoided. It is known that on many occasions civil and even criminal responsibilities are minimized when using an architect to execute a project. Working without a licence or technical control can work out a false economy.

The presence of a technician necessarily entails the legalization according to the regulations in force of the work to be executed. Likewise, problems of coordination, control and general management of the work are avoided, guaranteeing a monitoring of the pits, the control of finishes and the work certifications.

Q> What are the latest trends in architecture in the use of spaces?

A> It is evident that the experience of forced confinement due to the pandemic has made the interrelation of exterior spaces with interiors, as well as the ventilation, sunlight and habitability conditions of the interiors, to be substantially valued.

All this, added to the growing awareness of the necessary energy efficiency of our buildings, I would dare to say that it makes us go to a conception of less technological and artificial spaces, towards architecture more for people.

Q> What is the importance of hiring an architect for comprehensive renovations?

A> In any case, we can affirm, without a doubt, that for the client, the fact of taking the precaution of hiring a technician will guarantee levels of quality and execution, as well as having the assurance that the works commissioned will be carried out within the legal  regulations in force.

In my particular case, given that my advice to a client begins as soon as they turn to me to define the property, building or plot on which they are going to act, they will have the support as an appraiser, expert, designer and coordinator of the execution.

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