Female Focus magazine has been voted the third best expatriate magazine in the world

It really was great to receive an email in June 2016 letting us know that Female Focus magazine has been voted the third best expatriate magazine in the world, in The Expat Survey Consumer Awards TESCA 2016, behind The Economist and Expat Living Singapore.

The Expat Survey received more than 27,000 votes from expatriates around the world who freely nominated their favourite media across 6 different categories: The Best Blog, The Best Magazine, The Best Newsletter, The Best Newspaper, The Best Radio and The Best Website. It is great to know that after 23 years of publishing the Female Focus, we have been recognised by you the readers in this way; even more so because it was a free vote and not a multiple choice survey.

www.theexpatsurvey.com said “Servicing those outside their country of origin is often complex and requires a lot of dedication. The Expat Survey Consumer Awards gives expatriates the opportunity to nominate and commend the work of media owners and service providers that do an amazing job of adding value to the lives of expatriates around the world.

Female Focus was praised by your readers who value your content. They also thought that your website was a good resource for information“.

This is a massive pat on the back for all of our team, the contributors, in the office, in sales and in distribution, proving Female Focus is the most popular free expatriate magazine in Spain. Not many publications can quote an independent survey to say they are the 3rd best in the world!

For more information on Female Focus magazine please visit: www.female-focus.com.