Car Insurance in Spain

Pick up any newspaper or magazine, go on line and there they are bombarding you, adverts for car insurance!!

They claim to have the best deals, the lowest premiums, the most satisfied clients.

Now what about your local friendly insurance broker?

He works for several reputable insurance companies; he is not tied to any one of them or to any financial group, allowing him to find the most suitable policy for your specific needs, always taking into account the quality of the policy

He is on first name terms with most of his clients and always available to sit down and give advice when needed, and you know what?

The premiums aren’t any higher than those offered by a faceless impersonal voice at the end of the phone

Things you should know about insurance in Spain:

  • The insurance policy in Spain covers the vehicle and not the person, as in the UK
  • The “magic” age for insurance companies in Spain, is 25, most insurance policies cover any driver aged 25 and over with at least two years driving experience
  • Most insurance companies are not queuing up to insure “Johnny Hotrod” who has just passed his test and got himself a hot hatch which will take him from stop to sixty in under six seconds!!
    I’m afraid he will have to pay a higher premium and start earning himself some no claims bonus
  • All car insurance policies include, as part of the basic package, both breakdown and windscreen cover and both work extremely well
  • In the case of a breakdown, all you do is phone the number included in the policy docs, or your local friendly broker, because you can’t find the number, state your reg. number and where you are, they will normally have somebody arrive to assist you within half an hour
  • This cover is also extended to the whole of Europe, if travelling abroad
  • Windscreen cover is also very efficient, again it takes one phone call to the insurer or your local friendly broker, you have nothing to pay, there is no excess and it will not affect your level of no claims bonus upon renewal next year

Some companies offer the policy in English; some policies have very good premiums for commercial vehicles, others for 4×4 vehicles, etc etc

That is where your local friendly insurance broker comes in handy, and not just for car insurance

He can offer you advice on home, commercial, health and travel insurance to name but a few, you have a quad, Jet Ski, motorbike or caravan; he can deal with them all

Instead of picking up the phone, just pop in to see your local friendly broker and see everything he can do for you, you will be surprised.

Franco Valori

Hermanos Chorro

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Telf. 96 579 60 71