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Eco Friendly Water Based Paint and How the Market is Changing

Water Based Paints are Highly Durable

From varnishing interior floorboards to staining exterior windows and doors. I’m sure when you think of water based products you think EMULSION. But now water based paints are slowly taking over their oil-based brothers place at the head of the Exciting Painting and Decorating World…..!

Contrary to what many people may instinctively think, there are some fantastic durable brands of water-borne polyurethane (poly.) that are HIGHLY DURABLE…and in fact EQUALLY as durable as the top oil based polyurethane brands.

This is because the manufacturers keep testing and improving the formulas.  8 to 10 years ago, I used to recommend oil based Poly over water-based Poly. Not anymore!

Same Gurantee as Oil Based Paints

High quality water based products now come with equal guarantees to their oil based counterparts. Xylazel, Isaval. Sikkens and Titan are all producing an extensive range of excellent water based Poly paints, varnishes and wood stains.

Does not “Yellow” over time

Equally, high quality water based poly paint is available for all types of woodwork/furniture. Available in almost any colour, they give you a hard wearing finish which unlike oil based paint will not ‘yellow’ over time. Do you remember how your lovely white gloss work in the UK used to go ‘yellow’.

Oh and I don’t mean CHALK PAINT by the way, which is not high quality, but easy to put on!!! Just saying……..

Great in Spain

For exterior woodwork, especially here in Spain where the heat can be extreme, water based varnishes/wood stains have a distinct advantage. Unlike oil-based products, which tend to struggle to adhere to dry, old wood, the water based soaks in and very rarely will start to peel off after time. Instead, they soak into the wood and penetrate the dry outer surface.

Another advantage is the quick drying time. Most oil-based varnishes require 24 hrs between coats and a further rub down with sand paper. Water based products usually need between 4 -6 hours and don’t need sanding in between coats. Much Quicker and less rubbing!!!

Eco Friendly!

It goes without saying that water based products are far better for the environment….and you. They easily break down on dilution with water, they have far less VOCs (volatile organic compounds). they don’t have the horrible fumes and smell that give you and your neighbours a belting headache!!!  Oh and they are far easier to get off your hands, face, arms etc. and best jeans that you had on because you couldn’t be bothered to get changed before you started painting!

So the future is Water Based…….you know it makes sense.

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