Help Reduce Global Warming with R-32 – Next-Generation Refrigerant

What on Earth is R-32?

By K&M Aircon Calpe

Depending on how much you know about how air-conditioning works, you may or may not have heard about R-32. All air-con systems, particularly the split type. use a refrigerant (just like your fridge/freezer) to deliver you cool, cool air. The thing is, the way these things work isn’t so good for Global Warming.  The EU has joined a worldwide effort to reduce the causes of Global Warming and is thus phasing-down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Better for The Planet

Currently, air-con systems use R410A which has a Global Warming Potential of 2099. R-32 Gas reduces that to 675 – nearly 80% less! And therefore it’s so much better for the planet and reduce global warming!  So that’s why new aircon systems must use R-32 Gas.

Safer for You

And it’s safer! Whilst R-32 is designated as mildly flammable, due to it’s low concentration the risk of fire is virtually zero. Even if the entire charge of R32 from your air-con were to leak, which is in itself, highly unlikely. The risk of fire is extremely low!  Nonetheless, anyone installing, repairing, re-gassing or maintaining air-con must be fully trained and certified to ensure any risk is reduced and managed!

All the main manufacturers are now supplying R-32 units, with many taking the opportunity to bring their styles up to date.

K&M Aircon

K&M Aircon has been supplying, installing, maintaining and repairing air-con systems for over 30 years in our businesses in the UK and Spain. All our staff are not only fully trained, we are legally certified meaning you’re safe and sound. We work on all makes and models including Daikon, Gree, Mitsubishi and Panasonic giving you the widest choice in styles and budgets. We cover the whole of the area under our AIRCON sub-brand.

Our shop is in the heart of Calpe (Calle Pintor Sorolla), and we can be contacted on 96 587 4838.

This article first appeared in Female Focus Magazine in May 2019

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