About The Energy Performance Certificate

About The Energy Performance Certificate

The government requires all existing homes that are for sale or rent to have an “energy certificate.”

With effect from 1st June, 2013 the Ministry of Industry have implemented a set of new regulations that will make it obligatory for all homes in Spain that are for sale or rent to have an “energy efficiency certificate”. This is a document that describes how efficient your home’s energy consumption is and will cost around 250 Euros for the average home. The measure is a European initiative, and is the European directive’s aim to increase energy efficiency in buildings and homes in order to protect the environment, and make it compulsory for all new and existing homes, which are released onto the market, whether for sale or for rent, to be certified.

The promotion of energy efficiency in buildings and homes has formed part of European priorities since 2002, when Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council was approved. This directive was implemented in Spain in 2007 through Royal Decree 4 7/2007, although at that time it was only applicable to developers. However, it is now applicable to private individuals as it is in other parts of Europe.

The 2002 Directive and the 2010 amendment of the Directive made it obligatory to promote energy efficiency in existing buildings and homes. Consequently, all homes that come onto the market in any country in the European Union, whether for sale or for rent, have to have this energy efficiency certificate, which is valid for a maximum of 10 years.

What Does This Mean?

All homeowners who want to sell or lease their property (for more than 4 months) must make this “energy certificate” available to the prospective buyer and/or tenant.

The owner of the home, building, or business premises will be responsible for obtaining and paying for the certificate, which they will need in order to sell or lease their property. In addition to the certificate, each home will also receive a series of recommendations to improve the energy performance of the home and enable it to go up at least one level in the energy efficiency scale.

The drawback to these new regulations is the additional expense for homeowners. Please see the list below for costs calculated on your property size.

Getting an energy performance certificate is simple just complete our contact form and we will call you to arrange a visit. See below a list of frequently asked questions about the energy performance certificate.

Has the royal decree regulating the energy efficiency certificates been approved?

Yes, it has been approved and will come into force on the 1st of June, 2013.

Who is authorised to issue an energy efficiency certificate?

According to the royal decree “energy efficiency certificates should be issued by qualified professional technicians who are authorised to undertake building projects and thermal installations for buildings. The property owner may choose the technician of their choice “.

What is an energy certificate?

It is a report that describes how efficient a home is in terms of energy consumption and also gives recommendations on how to save money and make your home more efficient. It assigns an energy rating to each home on a scale which ranges from “A” (the best) to “G” (the worst).

Will I be able to sell a home which does not have an energy certificate after 1st June 2013?

No. You will have to have a certificate before selling your home.

Who will have to pay for the energy certificate?

The owner of the property which is for sale or for rent pays for the certificate.

How do I know if the property already has an energy performance certificate? Is there a website to check?

The Energy Performance Certificate (or a copy of it) should be shown when constructed, sold or rented to the buyer or tenant. Each community will establish a register updated every six months.

How do I receive my EPC?

Your assessor will give you the certificate once it was been fully registered and approved.

How long is the energy certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for 10 years. This means owners will not have to obtain a new certificate during this period unless they renovate or change the property in any way.

If I want to sell my home and it has a poor energy rating, such as D, E or F, am I obliged to make any improvements?

No, you are not obliged to make any improvements even if your property has a low rating.

Will a low rating affect the sale of my home? Can I sell it without any problems?

You are free to sell your home. The only way it will affect a sale is how the rating influences the buyer.

At what point in the marketing process of my property do I need an EPC?

From the 1st of June 2013 every property being marketed for sale or rent will require an EPC. For existing properties on the market an EPC must be commissioned by the 1st of June 2013. The Autonomous Registration will carry out inspection and administrative controls for properties that are being advertised for sale/rent.

The Exceptions, what are they?

  • Buildings and monuments officially protected as part of a designated environment or because of their special architectural or historic significance.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings used exclusively as places of worship and for religious activities.
  • Temporary buildings with a planned time of use exceeding two years.
  • Industrial buildings, defense and agricultural or parts thereof, in the part for workshops, industrial processes, defense and non-residential agricultural.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings insulated with a total useful floor area of less than 50 m2.
  • Building purchased for major renovations or demolition.
  • Buildings or parts of existing residential buildings whose use are less than four months a year, or for a limited time a year and with expected energy consumption of less than 25 percent of the average use throughout the year. This has to be declared by the home owner.

How much will the technician who issues the energy certificate charge?

Surface up to sqm price IVA 21% property

150 100 21 flat
300 150 31,5 flat

100 200 42 one family house
300 300 63 one family house
500 400 84 one family house

Will the technician need to visit the property (generally homes)?

Yes. They have to visit the property to take measurements and collect information about the property before drawing up and certifying the report.

For more information and contact details please see https://www.cbba.es/members/architect/