The Benefits Of  Fitting A Surge Protection Switch To Your Board

The Benefits Of  Fitting A Surge Protection Switch To Your Board

A surge protector is an electrical device that protects electronic components from voltage spikes caused by lightning, power outages, and other electrical anomalies. They divert the excess voltage to earth, so they depend on a reasonable earth connection. They are invaluable help to prevent damage to the devices and extend their lifespan.

There are two types of unit:


This provides over voltage protection, eg, if the supply voltage passes 255V the supply is shut down to protect all electronic based components in standby or switched on.

These are normally man made faults


This is a replaceable cartridge that filters and cleans the incoming supply and in the event of a huge rush of current will rupture and protect the installation.

This is normally weather based

The Benefits

Fitting a surge protector to your home installation can bring numerous benefits, including increased safety for your electronics, peace of mind knowing your devices are protected, and cost savings from not having to replace damaged devices. Surge protectors are mounted in the fuseboard thus providing protection for your entire home, including all appliances connected in standby such as the Hob & oven, AC units, entertainment systems, and computer equipment, giving you a comprehensive solution to voltage spikes.

Additionally, surge protectors can help to prevent data loss and corruption . They also often come with built-in filtering to eliminate noise and interference, providing a cleaner, more stable power source for your devices. Overall, installing a surge protector is a smart investment for anyone looking to protect their valuable electronics and keep their home running smoothly.

Also they are an invaluable tool to prevent ‘nuisance tripping’ from the diferencial (RCD) as they clean the supply before it arrives at the unit

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