Stop Holiday Let Occupants Abusing The Usage Of Airconditioning

An Airconditioning Remote That Stops Holiday Let Occupants Abusing The Usage Of Airconditioning

Smart Remote replaces the existing A/C remote controller and allows the property owner/manager to choose AND PERMANANTLY SET the temperature settings options available to the A/C user i.e. a holiday let occupant, rental tenant.

Many users, on arrival, scroll down the temperature setting on the A/C remote to its lowest possible setting i.e. 16 – 17 degrees C to cool, or its maximum setting of 30 degrees C to heat. This will result in high energy running costs, This remote reduces the minimum temperature setting option available to the user to around 23 degrees C cooling or heating.

Switch Me Off Sensor

Automatically turns off the air-conditioning when the room is left empty.

Reduces energy costs by up to 80% / Universally compatible with all A/C units / Mains powered (110-230 V). Easy installation / Built in comfort night sensor / Tamper proof lockable key pad.

This model can be fitted directly adjacent to your A/C unit therefore no connecting cables will be visible. sensor scans the room for occupancy. PIR will only detect body heat and will not therefore be affected by items such as ceiling fans, curtains, small cats or gerbils etc. When no movement has been detected it will send a signal to the A/C unit to switch it off. There is a red LED light that flashes to indicate detection of movement.

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