Selling Your Property – How Photography Makes A Difference

If you are selling or renting your property, are the photographs important?

When you decide to sell or rent out your property, how much importance do you place upon photography?

Do you need a virtual tour and a drone picture of the outside area?

Here are some interesting facts and findings from recognised national associations that may help you to decide.

FACT  1:-

97% of all property searches start on-line.

  •  The API:- (Official College of Real Estate Agents of Alicante province) states that “ teleworking boom experienced around the world as a result of the pandemic, has greatly expanded the range of foreign buyers”
  • The National Association of Realtors in the UK:– “ found that, in 2020, “Listings with a virtual tour are clicked 40% more than those without

A virtual tour will increase the chance that your property listing is viewed online.

What are 360 degree virtual tours?

  • Virtual tours are taken with a 360 degree lens camera and “stitched” together with software resulting in the online viewer being placed inside the property, free to stop, look around, zoom in and view all aspects.
  •  The online viewer can “walk through” the property getting a “feel” for it before they commit their time to view in real life.
  • The virtual tour enables the online viewer to stop within a room and take in its dimensions, increasing their understanding of how the “flow” of the property may work for them. 
  • Additional information can be placed within the virtual tour highlighting this to the buyer – (e.g. new double glazed windows installed within the last 2 years).

What about the still images?

FACT 2:-

The property needs to be photographed accurately and completely providing detailed information that is confirmed when viewed in real life.

 Rightmove says:-

 “photos should also match how the property presents itself in real life”.   

Zoopla says:-

“Once they click on the listing, you want to be sure it is accurately and comprehensively photographed in order that people can get a thorough idea of what they are coming to see. 

  • Correctly photographed rooms will display the room in its entirety and inform the potential viewer of the room proportions, aspect and other features, such as an en-suite. The images of the interior rooms MUST accurately display the room otherwise when the potential buyer arrives in person they will be disappointed and more likely to reject the property regardless of its other qualities.

FACT 3:-

In Spain the outside space is often more important than the inside space.

  • The aerial shot of the terrace/pool area is as important as the number of bedrooms available within the property. A four bedroom property with a terrace that has space for eight people to sunbathe is much more desirable. 
  • Property in Spain is viewed differently to property in northern europe. Potential buyers or holiday renters will accept “small” bedrooms if the property has a great terrace and pool, especially if the property is a holiday rental. 
  • Potential buyers or holiday renters want to know if they can bbq and can they enjoy a drink on the terrace.

When selling your property, should you insist upon a professional photographer?

  • If you have reviewed the website of the real estate agent and consider their photographs are very good, then all is well, regardless of what method they have chosen to take the photographs. 
  • Some agents use the full package of photography, still images, virtual tours and drones, however, if you do not see this, then consider that the small cost of engaging a professional photographer yourself, may be the single most effective decision you make to attract potential buyers to your chosen agents website and increase their chances of selling your property when compared to the other listings in your area. 
  • If you engage your own photographer then you determine the image your property portrays and you can require the agent to place the photographs within their marketing package.


  • Choose an agent who will improve the selling potential of your property by using photographic technology that accurately represents your property.
  • Ensure that the property is fully photographed to achieve the maximum value that it can, which means every room and outdoor space.
  • Remember that the best features of the property should be on display, if you have an amazing view, then show it.
  • Check out the real estate agents photographs that are on their website, compare them with other agents.
  • If you are not satisfied with the photographs currently displayed on your agents website, then engage your own photographer, the small cost of this service will pay back dividends later when a buyer views your property

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