Save Money On Your Air-Con With 8 Degree Rule

Save Money On Your Air-Con With 8 Degree Rule

For instance, if the temperature is 30 degrees do not put your system lower than 22 degrees as each degree lower will cost approx 10% more.

An air conditioning system blows the same temperature all the time, on hot or cold, hence we recommend you keep your air conditioning at no more than 23-25 degrees, only 8 degrees difference from the ambient temperature, keeping your aircon at this temperature will save you at least  30% of the electric bill.

Savings For People That Rent Their Properties Out

If you rent your property out and don’t want high electricity bills then we have 2 solutions for you.

  1. The Eco- smart remote which will keep your aircon always at a set temperature never less than 22 degrees and never higher than 26 degrees. Renters can ‘lower’ the temperature but it will not change.   Let the 8-degree rule work for you and save you money.
  2. Also with the Ecosense 4000XL, you can reduce more of your electricity bills as this system closes down your air conditioning correctly when nobody is in the room between a period of 15mins and 1hour. Therefore,  when your renters have gone to the beach for a lovely day out you can have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning will close down and not use any more energy while they are not at home.

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