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Preparation Is Key To Successful Painting Or Wall-papering

Preparation Is Key To Successfull Painting Or Wall-Papering


We take extra care when planning to paint a room. Any colour, any style, the walls need to be clean and, equally as important: uniform. Any cracks, damp, dirt, holes, damage or dust needs to be thoughrouly and professionally attended to (which is fully explained to our client in the quote we provide prior to any intervention.)


Here in beautiful Spain, although we are lucky enough to own villas in such a warm region of the world, the heat can wear down and take a toll on our exterior walls and outdoor furniture. From losing its original clean-cut colour, to drip stains from heavy rain or accumulation of pollen and/or dust over time!

For these reasons, (and many more) we always power-wash any exterior walls. This helps reveal any cracks or damage which could be hidden underneath and ensures that the new, high-quality paint we use can stick to the walls successfully and effectively for a long period of time.

We Always Recommend The Best Quality Materials

We at Coast and Country Painters, will always recommend the application of the best quality paint; but even if you were thinking about using a cheaper brand, the outcome would deteriorate considerably faster if the surfaces are not adequately cleaned and prepared beforehand.

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