Over 2.5 Million Uninsured Vehicles On Spanish Roads

DGT  Reveals over 2.5 Million Uninsured Vehicles on Spanish Roads And Warns of Consequences

Spain’s traffic authority, the DGT, Direccion General de Tráfico, has issued a warning to drivers about the risks of driving without insurance. They revealed that over 2.5 million vehicles in the country are currently being driven without coverage, which amounts to approximately 8% of all vehicles on Spanish roads.

In the last decade, an estimated 300,000 claims have been made that involved uninsured vehicles, highlighting the significant impact that this issue can have on drivers and the general public.

What are the consequences of driving without insurance?

There are many, these include:-

  • Responsibility: If one of the parties involved in an accident does not have insurance coverage, they may be held responsible for damages, even if they are NOT at fault.
  • Damages and Compensation: According to the Road Safety Law, the guilty party must pay for damages to third parties. However, in some cases, the economic expenses can exceed the assets of the person responsible, putting them at risk of having their personal property seized.
  • Penalties: Driving without insurance can result in penalties ranging from €600 to €3,000, depending on factors such as the length of non-compliance, vehicle usage, and category. The typical penalty for a car is €1,500.
  • Legal Defence: The person responsible for the accident is responsible for their own defence. It’s important to note that a criminal process resulting from a traffic accident can lead to a prison sentence.
  • Immobilized Vehicle: An uninsured vehicle will be immobilized
  • Insurance History: The outcome of the accident can impact the conditions of future insurance policies.
  • Psychological Consequences: The psychological consequences of a traffic accident can be significant, and not having insurance coverage can exacerbate them by adding the stress of potential economic expenses.

The law mandates that the party responsible for causing damages in an accident must be held liable.

According to the Road Safety Law, the party at fault in a traffic accident is required to bear the damages and expenses arising from the incident. However, if one or both parties involved do not have insurance, the situation becomes more complicated. Here are some assumptions and their corresponding responsibilities:

  • Guilty and uninsured: If the at-fault party does not have insurance, they must pay for the economic damages and injuries resulting from the accident, as well as any applicable penalties. If they are unable to cover these costs, they may be claimed from the Insurance Compensation Consortium.
  • Not guilty and uninsured: Even if the person is not at fault, if they do not have insurance, they may be held responsible for the damages and expenses incurred in the same way as in the previous case.
  • Other party is uninsured: If the opposing party involved in the accident does not have insurance, it is recommended to file a European Accident Report Form and for the insured party to contact their own insurance provider and the Insurance Compensation Consortium to expedite the process. The Consortium will cover the compensation if the opposing party does not have insurance.

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