Maintaining Wood In Spain

Maintaining Wood In Spain

Here in sunny Spain, we own a lot of vintage-style villas that, with a little care, can age beautifully, and blossom through age.

Lots of these houses have a lot of old-style/vintage-style doors, windows and vigas.

Wood Can and Does Dry Out in Spain

Over time, and especially exposed to the sun over long periods of time, wood can dry-out and deteriorate rapidly.

With a little care, repair, and protection, carried out periodically, your wood can stay healthier and much more aesthetically pleasing for a considerably longer length of time.

Our Process

We sand, repair and clean the wood we intend on reviving with specific professional products before we paint up to three coats of our best varnish. (which is also available in different colours or transparent).

Choice of Colours and Styles

For interior doors, we also have a wide range of colours available, including an option of a re-vamp of the wood itself, washing them white, or creating a rustic effect!

Whatever you decide to do with the wood in your villa, we can help give it a new lease of life, thus creating beautiful effects for your home, inside and out!

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Jeff Morrow
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