Magazines Advertising – Even More Important

Magazines Advertising – Even More Important

If you’re in business then you’ll know the importance of promoting your business. For new businesses, this is paramount to get going. The question is “which platform should I use?”.

Most businesses immediately opt for some kind of social media – after all, it’s free isn’t it?

Print advertising is still incredibly powerful

At Female Focus Publications, we recognise the importance of social. But the truth is, print advertising is still an incredibly powerful medium and still represents great value for money. And this is no more relevant than in an expat community such as we have in the Costa Blanca. In fact, in the UK, local magazines are making a huge comeback. Magazines have a way of being part of the local community in a way that Facebook just can’t touch. You get local news and stories, great tidbits of information, and a good source of local businesses that can make living abroad so much easier.

Advertisers Returning After Trying Social Media

This year, we will have published 350,000 copies of our various magazines. These are all funded through advertisers who know we will get their advert in front of a good portion of a million or so expats living here. And we know it works. In fact we see advertiser returning who left to pursue Social Media only to find out (a) it isn’t that great – (b) advertising boosts give very little or no return – (c ) social media can easily get out of hand with unwarranted negative review and worse. What’s more – a social post only “lasts” a few seconds. Compare to magazine advertising. Both our monthly and twice-a-year magazines stick around. In fact we often get calls from ex-clients who get a lead from an ad from years before and realise they need to be back in the magazine.

Return On Investment

We’ve just published issue 24 of Focus on Professional Services magazine. It represents amazing value for many businesses with a half page costing just 60€ per month (360€/edition which lasts 6 months). If your average business deal is lets say 500€, you’ve paid for it with 1 call! And better still, that advert is still out there, getting your name out there, and getting the phone to ring.

Is Facebook Really Free?

Again, you might say Facebook is free, but is it? You’ve got to spend time, effort and always be doing something, which makes it really distracting, time-consuming, and actually, its not that easy. There’s a reason why many businesses ask someone else to do their Facebook marketing, so you see – it isn’t free and it doesn’t compare.

Get in Touch

So, it you’re in business or starting up, give Female Focus Publications a call, and one of our experienced team will visit you in your place of work, take you through all the options, plan a campaign with and even do the artwork for you. And then your bit is done and we can help you get the word out and get more customers.

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