Kerb Appeal! (And considerations when selling your property)

The time is right for you to sell. For most people the first thing that comes to mind is price, and probably visiting an agent.

The agent’s job is to offer sound advice on pricing, paperwork essential to the sale, and importantly advising on preparing the property in its best light for marketing it successfully.

Kerb Appeal!

Kerb appeal means the first sight that would be purchasers have of the house and is the most important thing, you only get one chance at this and it sets the mood for viewing in depth.

A tidy garden, clean driveway/entrance, good, clean paintwork on gates, walls, and front door are a must.

A clean swimming pool, tidily arranged garden furniture and NO WASHING! enhance the general appearance.

Entering the Property

A Fresh smell, no cooking odours from last night’s curry or today’s fish!

Rover and Felix maybe your best friends but DOGGY SMELLS, EXCITED GREETINGS, AND INCESSANT BARKING, the site of CAT LITTER and ABANDONED FOOD are definite turn offs!

Space is always at the top of buyers’ lists. If possible, without turning your home into a show house, remove some personal knick knacks, re arrange furniture, hide the washing, cooking ingredients etc in the kitchen, and other items that give a cluttered (some call it homely!) impression.

Loud noise from TELEVISIONS etc. have a jarring effect on visitors on serious business and make it difficult for the agent to make himself heard!

The agent is a professional sales person, who should have interviewed his client to find out their most important criteria, and would then point out the salient points of your property, so it is usually best to let him/her do their job in leading the viewing . Too many people following the buyers around making them uncomfortable and rooms look smaller!

Too much information!

One of the most common questions the sellers are asked is ‘why are you selling’. They do not need to know it is because you have fallen out with the obnoxious neighbours, hate Spain, or have found you miss your family more than you anticipated .This will make the would be buyers consider their own plans for moving.

Remember you are paying for professional advice from both your agent and legal representative so it makes sense to listen to it.

Are you looking to sell your property?

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