How To Keep Your Property On The Costa Blanca Warm In Winter

How To Keep Your Property On The Costa Blanca Warm In Winter

It’s that time of year when it’s warmer outside than in our homes, for many of us at least. With energy prices – and the cost of generally living – rising, we have been looking at ways to heat the home without running up huge bills.

Here are some tips to keep your Costa Blanca property warm throughout winter.

Cover up the floors

Cold floors are fabulous in summer, but it’s much nicer to have something warmer underfoot in winter. About 10 per cent of heat is lost through the bottom, so it makes sense to put warm rugs down. They can easily be rolled up and stored away once the cold weather has gone. Wool is the best material for retaining heat and the thicker the rug, the better.

Crevillente, in the Alicante province and close to Elche, is the centre of Spain’s carpet and rug industry if you fancy a day out while shopping locally. There is also a good selection of colourful rugs in Gata de Gorgos, nine kilometres from Jávea.

Fill in the cracks in walls, doors and windows

About 35% of heat escapes through the walls and any gaps or cracks around windows or doors. Many houses in Spain have shutters or blinds on the windows; using these will help keep the house warm. The best plan is to open the curtains, blinds and shutters when the sun comes out to heat up the room and then close them once the sun disappears.

Check cracks or gaps around the window frames and fill them in with a sealant such as silicone or caulk. You can also use self-adhesive weatherstrips to seal gaps in doors and window frames. These are easy to use and can be bought in many hardware shops, such as Leroy Merlin or Amazon.

If you have a larger property, close doors to rooms when they’re not used to keep heat in the rooms you are using.

Also, use dark-coloured curtains in winter – black, grey and dark green curtains absorb much more heat than lighter colours.

Check the temperature

No one likes walking into a cold house when they´ve been out. You can keep the radiators on all day but at a lower temperature than usual. If you like your rooms to be at 22º, then you can keep the heating on at 15-17º when you’re out and then turn it up to 22º once you’re home. It won’t take long to reach the temperature you want.

If you don’t like the idea of spending money on heating an empty house, you can fit smart timers so you can turn your heating on or off remotely. For example, you can use an app on your phone to turn the heating on 30 minutes before you arrive home.

Keep yourself warm too

Rather than turning up the thermostat, put on an extra layer of clothing or curl up with a blanket on the sofa. An electric blanket is also a snug way to keep warm when you go to bed. An electric blanket is an effective heater and only needs to be turned on for around 30 minutes before you go to bed and switch it off.

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