How A Virtual Tour Can Improve The Interest In Your Holiday Rental

How A Virtual Tour Can Improve The Interest In Your Holiday Rental

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a series of panoramic images that are digitally stitched together enabling the on-line viewer to walk through and around a property. Unlike a video, with a virtual tour, you can stop, look up and down, turn around or choose to walk in a different direction, at your own pace.

What should a tour provide?

  • An introduction to the property from the outside, (a walk from the boundary to the front door).
  • A look at the amenities they can enjoy whilst on holiday, (walk around the pool in the sunshine or stop off at the outdoor kitchen).
  • Showcase the interior layout, (is it a kitchen/diner)
  • Take a walk up the stairs to the bedrooms (glance inside the en-suite).
  • What is the view from the balcony (can I see the sea?)
  • Go back down the stairs and exit outside to showcase the BBQ or outside kitchen facility.
  • A point of interest or “hotspot” that can add information or an image to help add life and personality (also a website link to a booking page).
  • A text note in the lounge that can state the wifi and tv channels available
  • An additional image taken from a view out of the window at sunset
  • At the end of the tour a link should take the walk-through back to your own website or booking page.

If you are currently advertising a holiday rental, this is how adding a virtual tour may help

Virtual tours are not common throughout the tourism sector; a website that now showcases holiday rentals, using a virtual tour, will gain a significantly greater interest rate, raising its profile and increasing its positive reviews. Social media platforms are easily interlinked, therefore, comments, likes and # hashtags easily connect into your website where your own information is managed and where your media content can be refreshed more easily.


A virtual tour will provide a greater depth and perspective to all the rooms and spaces in and around the property, complimenting high quality still images.

A virtual tour will significantly increase the engagement of the on-line viewer of your holiday rental.

It will generate a more immersive experience by placing the potential client into your property

The holiday villa that displays its characteristics and any unique features (that previous guests have commented upon) generates the interest in the person who has two weeks booked for their holiday and wants to know all about their accommodation before they arrive.

Pictures attract the eye, virtual tours immerse the viewer, text descriptions provide confirmation of what has been seen and is available.

Your reviews may say that “the walk through tour before we booked helped us feel we were almost there”.

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