Tomatina Bunol

Get Ready To Party In Spain This August 2023!

Get Ready To Party In Spain – August 2023!

The country will be buzzing with a multitude of fiestas and celebrations that’ll make you want to dance the flamenco all night long. Check out some of the most exciting Spanish fiestas happening:

La Tomatina – Buñol

Just over an hour´s drive from Javea you will find the pretty little traditional town Buñol. Picture this: thousands of people tossing ripe tomatoes at each other, turning the streets into a sea of red! It’s wild, it’s wacky and it’s an experience you’ll never forget. La Tomatina in Buñol began in 1945 when a group of young people engaged in a spontaneous tomato fight during a parade. The following year, they recreated the fun, starting the now-iconic tomato-throwing festival. Initially met with resistance, the festival became a beloved local tradition, and in the 1950s the town council embraced it as an official event. Today, La Tomatina draws thousands of participants from around the world and is a symbol of joy and community spirit in Spain.

Feria de Málaga

Malaga turns into a carnival of fun for a whole week, the city streets are adorned with colourful decorations, locals and visitors come together to enjoy flamenco performances, dance to lively music and indulge in traditional Spanish delicacies. Olé!

Semana Grande – Bilbao

Bilbao’s Semana Grande, also known as Aste Nagusia, is an explosion of excitement! Concerts, fireworks and cultural events will have you dancing and cheering all day long. And don’t miss the traditional Basque music and dance performances – it’s a real treat!

Festa Major de Gracia – Barcelona

The Festa Major de Gracia in Barcelona’s Gracia district is a fiesta like no other. Streets come alive with imaginative decorations created by the locals! You’ll be treated to live music, vibrant dance performances and authentic Catalan activities. It’s a true feast for the senses.

Feria de Pedro Romero – Ronda

Bullfighting and Andalusian culture take centre stage at the Feria de Pedro Romero in Ronda. Prepare to be wowed by bullfights, horse parades and fiery flamenco performances. And when the sun sets, the parties kick off in style!

Semana Grande – San Sebastián

San Sebastián’s Semana Grande celebrates all things Basque. Concerts, dance performances and sporting events keep the energy high. And to top it all off, a jaw-dropping fireworks display over La Concha Bay will leave you in awe.

These are just a taste of the fiesta fun happening in Spain in August 2023. Each region and town has its own unique celebrations, so get ready to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this fantastic country. It’s time to let loose, make memories, and dance the night away! Vamos!

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