Free Heat In The Cold Winter Months

Did you know that you can get free heat in the winter from installing glass curtains in your naya or terrace? And use your outdoor space all year round!

Yes, it is true, the heat radiates through the glass curtains warming up your terrace and overnight this is retained. So, in the morning you have the benefit of free heat in your naya or terrace.

The video link below explains more in 30 seconds!


Glass curtains are the perfect solution if you would like to enclose your terrace whilst retaining the view. Crystal Windows now manufacture glass curtains on the premises, ensuring complete control over your purchase.

Glass curtains have no vertical frames and consist of a series of glass leaves running ceiling to floor height. These glass leaves butt up to each other with a clear gasket seal between them. Glass curtains are fully retractable and only need a small space for the leaves to open into.

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