First Impressions Matter When Selling Your Home

Why a new kitchen can help you sell

When house hunting I have always been shocked by the shoddy state in which sellers proudly present their biggest asset. An outdated 20 year old kitchen will put off your potential buyer as soon as they walk in. Remember you are hoping they will part with several hundred thousand euros for the property and first impressions count.

A typical 20 year old kitchen will most definitely be damaged, faded, warped, have corroded hinges, especially in coastal areas, and will normally have a Castilian framed dark wood doors, making the kitchen look gloomy, dark and totally unappealing. They are often poorly planned with little storage, inaccessible corners and small wall units. Water damage under the sink is more than likely.

If you would prefer a WOW factor you should definitely consider investing in an upgrade to your kitchen to make your property appealing to buyers.

Video – Complete Kitchen Reform – Javea

Styles options

When choosing your new look there are 3 styles of kitchen groups to consider which should tie in with the style of your property.

  1. Traditional – Traditional kitchens exude warmth and include classic details with English ,French and American influences. They blend 18th and 19th century designs with a modern twist. These kitchens are an ideal family environment for all to enjoy.
  2. Modern – Modern kitchens are defined by their clean lines, minimalistic feature and open spaces providing a wow factor to any new kitchen design.
  3. Contemporary – Contemporary kitchens stand out for their bespoke features and softened edges and work superbly with a neutral colour palette and tone on tone interior to create a clean, elegant look.

Kitchen Examples

[responsive]Kitchens Costa Blanca[/responsive]

Colour choice and finishes

Colour choice is very important, you may like black high gloss but a potential buyer may not feel the same way so consider market trend colours or a more neutral look. A client of ours increased the value of his property by 7000 euros just by painting the more eccentrically coloured rooms stone white, replacing the kitchen sink and worktop and installing some LED lighting so imagine what a full kitchen could increase it by.

There are two finishes for the doors, matte or gloss in any colour nowadays which allows complete versatility and can tie in with the kitchen style.
Trend colours as of 2021 are light or dark grey, cream or white, and we have had an increase in requests for different shades of blue which could be associated by living near to the sea.

With years of experience, Kitchen Fancy can design, plan, supply and fit a beautiful new kitchen or upgrade your existing one to make your property stand out in the property market and help you sell and get the best possible price.

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