False Rumour On Social Security Texts

“The TGSS informs: you can now access the annual “Vida Laboral” Communication at the Electronic Social Security”

In recent days this message has been received by thousands of citizens who do not know if it is a hoax or a phishing or scam. Much has been written about this SMS, saying that if you access the attached link a powerful virus deletes the data from your phone.

This could not be farther from the truth. Although the link is sent without the security protocol and refers to a website that does not appear to be the official one, the national police has clarified that it is a Social Security campaign.

The campaign is to inform people how to access their employment status information and is sent to those who have provided their telephone number to the official body. Those who have not provided their phone to Social Security will receive this notice by mail.

Vida Laboral”  is the time accumulated by a worker during active life who has worked in one or several companies or official bodies. If for any reason, you need to know or prove the exact dates you have worked throughout your life, you can obtain the “Vida Laboral” Report

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