Driving In Spain – Know The Rules

The best way to explore Spain and enjoy the ever-changing scenery it has to offer is by car

Before we set off there are a few things to remember. While foreigners visiting Spain may drive with a valid licence from their country, you as a resident, need to apply for  and obtain a Spanish driving  licence.

As the owner of a Spanish registered vehicle you need to carry the following:

  • 2 warning triangles, to be placed at the front and rear of the vehicle in case of an accident or breakdown, and a high visibility vest
  • A set of fuses and bulbs, a spare wheel and the necessary to be able to change any of them


In the case of a routine check by any authority, you also need to be able to show your valid driving  licence, an up to date insurance document and the car documentation, permiso de circulación and ficha técnica, with a valid ITV stamp if the vehicle is over 4 years old and renewed every two years


If you get fined and are a resident in Spain with a NIE/TIE you will receive notification at your home address, there is normally a 50% discount for prompt payment.

Speed Limits

Most of the fines issued in Spain are for driving at excessive speed, so be warned

  • 50km/h max in residential and built up áreas
  • 90km/h max out of town
  • 100km/h max for dual carriageways and roads with overtaking lanes
  • 120km/h max for motorways

Lower limits apply to vehicles with trailers, motor homes and lorries.

Know The Rules

Now you know the rules get out there and explore Spain, hit the North, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque country, all known for their rugged coastline, breathtaking scenery, and internationally acclaimed cuisine

Enjoy exploring and safe driving

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