Beware – New Speed Limits In Urban Areas

As of the 11th May 2021 new speed limits in urban areas came into effect. The maximum speed on the majority of Spanish urban streets will be set at 30km/h.  According to an estimate by the DGT state traffic authority, the new measure will affect between 60% and 70% of roads.

The new limits are as follows:-

  • 20 km/h one way roads with path/sidewalk
  • 30 km/h roads with one lane going in opposite directions
  • 50 km/h roads with two or more lanes per direction

This change was brought about in a bid to reduce road deaths in urban areas which have been growing year on year.

As reported in El Pais, “In 2019, the percentage of “vulnerable” road traffic victims – i.e. pedestrians and cyclists or similar – exceeded the percentage of people killed while in vehicles. The difference was almost three points, and this was the first time that such a phenomenon had been observed in the data.”

Recent changes in the way people are moving around cities, such as the growing popularity of cycling and other modes of transport such as battery-powered scooters as well as more people walking for exercise (and recently to avoid public transport due to Covid fears) are also thought to be behind this change in restrictions.

Early reports have indicated that the police and local councils are rigorously monitoring and fining people who exceed these limits, so be warned!

Article Written by:-

Franco Valori
Hermanos Chorro
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Telf. 96 579 60 71