Accident Rates In Europe: The Safest Countries For Driving

Accident rates in Europe: the safest countries for driving

Road safety is an important subject, anywhere in the world, and Europe and the member states of the European Union have always done well in this matter. With vehicles becoming more sophisticated, and technology advancing rapidly, we have seen a huge reduction in traffic accidents and fatalities. However there are countries which stand out more than others in the road safety aspect.
This is the list of the safest roads to drive on in the European Union, taking into account road traffic fatalities per 1million population
Maybe worth bearing in mind when planning your next road trip


With a mortality rate in traffic accidents of 22 deaths per million inhabitants, Sweden is the country with the least amount of accidents in the EU
It has a small population and a well maintained road network, which contribute to the low accident rate, there also exists a culture of responsable driving


The Emerald Isle is second to Sweden with 29 deaths per million population
Although you can’t reach Ireland by car from continental Europe, if you travel there you can be assured of road safety in the whole country


This small island has a population of approximately half a million and a traffic accident fatality rate of 32 per million, this along with spectacular scenery and its Mediterranean climate ,makes it a perfect destination for safe driving


The number of road deaths in this country is 34 per million
Holland has very strict driving laws, including heavy fines for speeding and drink driving.


With 34 deaths a year per million inhabitants, Denmark is on a par with Holland, sharing a widespread use of bicycles. However traveling by car is a very safe option, thanks to a well educated population in terms of road safety laws


This was the first European state to implement a public transport system one hundred per cent free on buses, trams and trains.
This was designed to decongest the amount of cars on the road, the mortality rate is 36 per million, a number below the European average


This country, pioneer in technology and the motor industry, also has a very good road safety record, 37 deaths per million inhabitants
It is also one of the member states with the best connections by road.


Our adopted country is also in the top 10 of the safest countries, for driving, in Europe
We are equal to Germany with with 37 traffic accident deaths per million
These numbers have improved enormously over recent years, so much so that Spain has overtaken countries like France, which has traditionally had good results

Europe is one of the safest regions in the world for driving, making it a great option for travelling by car, and although these countries listed are particularly safe, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful driving there.
In the end, said safety is due to a strict adherence to traffic laws and a great sense of responsibility at the Wheel

Source: The European Commission

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