Pool Coronation – Repair and Paint……… AMAZING TRANSFORMATION! ………

Pool Coronation – Repair and Paint……… AMAZING TRANSFORMATION! ………

Coast and Country Painters have been working here on the Costa Blanca North for 15 years now.

The main part of our business here consists of the repair and decoration of the interiors and exteriors of properties. However, closely following behind in volume, is our specialist service of the repair and painting of swimming pool coronations. Many people have swimming pools, which over time need re-grouting due to the breakdown of the grout under constant attack from the chlorine used to keep them clean. The same applies to the coronation (generally made of concrete). Years of wear and tear, weather and general use often leave them looking very tired to the point that some people think it needs replacing.

Do I need to replace a tired looking pool coronation?

‘Absolutely Not’ in most cases!!!!! Pool coronations can be given a completely new lease of life and made to look better than they did originally. With the correct process and materials applied, the results can last for years.

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Quite often we get enquiries from people who have had the reform carried out previously and the results have been poor. This is due to two things:-

  1. The preparation and process has been incorrect and or
  2. The materials used were of poor quality.

Why are our results so good?

We follow a strict procedure to ensure a fantastic result that will last. Specialist cleaners, primers, adhesives and paints are used in the process. You can have just about any colour that you would like, ranging from white, right through to dark grey and everything in between. We would always recommend a natural stone colour which from a distance does look ‘natural’ rather than painted…….but I have to say that the dark grey does look fantastic in the right property!!!

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What does it cost?

An average 8 x 6 m pool would cost around 400.00 euros. A relatively small amount to pay for a fantastic new looking pool surround. For further information, please contact Jeff on 690811138

Article Written by:

Jeff Morrow
Coast & Country Painters

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