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My approach is always to spend time first listening to you… the PERSON , who has chosen me to help you. I have to understand and asses your pain or issue before I can endeavour to help resolve it , assist you in moving forward as best I am capable of and so you can enjoy lasting results.

Whilst treating you, I am utterly interested in getting to the root of what may be causing your discomfort or pain, I have a thorough “no rush” approach . I explain my findings or ask you questions and answer yours .I help you understand the “why´s and what´s” . Once your treatment is finished, you are supported with an aftercare protocol and recommendations, be it exercises , nutritional information, perhaps a Bach´s Flowers remedy or at the end of a telephone if need be.

Often folk leave a treatment feeling quite different , a new sense and
understanding of their body and themselves , how one affects the other.
Folk arrive with chronic pain , spinal issues, mobility issues with knees and hips, neurological conditions, sports injuries, low energy, whiplash, post opperational issues, migraines, headaches , insomnia, stress , anxiety, grinding of teeth and digestive issues .

For me it´s a privilege to help and nothing exhillirates me more to see anyone get better and moving on and moving forward.

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