Why Do I Get Condensation – And A Simple Fix ?

The Biggest Cause of Condensation

Condensation can be due to several causes here on the Costa Blanca,  such as faulty plumbing, leaks or rising damp.   Bad building work and inferior materials can also cause condensation, but by far the biggest cause of condensation we come across is poor airflow.

A Simple Solution

We are often called to clients whose properties are showing signs of damp.  The client will usually fear the worst – expecting a quote for expensive, invasive works, and it is sometimes the case that a damp problem will require a costly solution.  On many occasions, however, once we have inspected the property we are very happy to let the client know that the problem has a clear and quick solution.   By simply increasing airflow around the house, the problems can be resolved.

The Best and Simplest Method

The best and simplest way to increase airflow is to get into the habit of leaving doors and windows open to allow air to move around the house.  This will not only freshen the whole house but will also dry up small water droplets that appear on walls due to the differences in temperature that occur in buildings, especially if they are badly insulated or have certain types of heating systems.

An Inexpensive Solution For Locked Up Buildings

Locking up buildings with no airflow for long periods of time will only exacerbate any existing or potential problem.   It is not unusual for a property owner to return to their house after a spell away to find mould on furniture, walls and clothing.  If windows cannot be left open for security reasons then a simple inexpensive way to allow the free flow of air around the building is to install airbricks at strategic points.    Installing airbricks is a quick fix solution that really works.

Where Experience Counts

Over the past 15 years working on the Costa Blanca, we at Handycall have developed methods of fitting airbricks with the minimum of fuss and mess.

If you would like us to come and have a look at your problem and see if airbricks would be the answer, please call Graham at Handycall Construction for a free no obligation survey.

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