The Costa Blanca sun and your Car

We all know that the sun is bad for our skin, but the sun’s rays are also harm full to your CAR.

Vehicles that sit in the sun for extended periods of time can reach extreme temperatures, sometimes reaching 250 degrees farenheit inside that cab. Maintaining your vehicle through the summer months is very important, leading into the winter months where the temperatures change and the cooler, wetter months’ creep up on us. A car that was not maintained during the summer will cause problems leading to winter.

There are some checks that can be carried out to ensure safe driving. Most vehicle components that are made with rubber will suffer through the kinds of temperatures we see here on the Costa Blanca.

Battery Checks
Heat creates a higher load on your battery, due to us running extra systems ie: Air con, sat nav, televisions . Get it checked before it does not start and leaves you calling out the tow truck.

Air Filters
Due to the arid climate here on the Costa Blanca, there is a lot more dust circulating outside, change your filter before it gets blocked. This leads to Higher MPG and damaged airflow sensors.

These are the only thing between you and the road, extreme heat, trapped air and rubber can be a volatile mixture. Underinflated tyres are more likely to blow out and at speed can be very dangerous. Tyres that sit in the sun become cracked, perished and dangerous.

Fluid Levels:
All cars need a certain amount of oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid to keep them running to their best standard, check the levels, it’s the same principle as food and water to a human, we need it to survive.

Wiper blades:
These become perished and frayed in the sun, change them now before you end up stuck in rain unable to see through the windscreen.

Head Lights:
Often headlights become clouded due to sun damage, this hinders your vision whilst driving at night. We are all too aware that our roads are not lit up properly, don’t get caught out with faded headlights.

Remember to have all work carried out by a qualified and legal motor technician, and if you are not sure bring your vehicle to the professionals. Cars in Spain are not operating under normal conditions and need to be regularly checked so they don’t let you down. If you need any help with maintenance please contact us here at Costa Car Clinic where we will be more than happy to help. You don’t realise how much you rely on your vehicle until you are without it.

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