The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Do We Hate Natural Grass?

I think, because of my link to artificial grass, sometimes people assume that we hate natural grass. It’s actually probably because I love natural grass so much that I really like artificial grass. I think the value of having large green spaces within a garden is critical, I think it gives so much energy and life to the garden, it really makes the space shine. But that is part of it, the energy, and when you have a scratty, scruffy lawn that looks unloved, unused discoloured it doesn´t look appealing, it doesn’t give that same energy.

The Practicalities

The simple facts are that many people, like with lots of things, get hung up with the idea, the nostalgia but quite frankly forget about the practicalities. Real grass is hard work, especially in Spain.

100% Recyclable

Many people also see it is made of plastic and instantly assume it is bad for the environment, but the simple facts are when you buy a quality artificial grass that’s non-toxic, made to EU safety standards, and is 100% recyclable then you have to start to think about the other benefits.

Other Benefits Of Artificial Grass

The benefits of natural grass are often annulled and offset by the facts it needs mowing, watering and chemicals that are dangerous to the environment to keep it in good condition.

Benefits Even In The UK

I have always seen the benefits of artificial grass even for the UK and small gardens. Being a child born in the north of England, the amount of small mud patches (sorry lawns) we have played in is stupid. Leading to more clothes being washed, more detergents being used etc. To have a small lawn that may be wet, but otherwise completely clean means kids get to go bananas without the hassle of constant clothes washing and the same goes for the dog.

I Love Natural Grass, but where?

I love natural grass, but where it should be, in the wild, in nature. As regards 98% of the homes I visit where clients want clean, tidy, instantaneous and perfect, none of those words fit within the realms of natural grass, and with the fact that it probably helps the environment long term compared to natural grass lawns is a big deal. So, try not to be assuming about artificial grass, it may be better than you have considered it to be.  

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