Print Advertising Very Much Alive and Kicking

Female Focus is a local magazine which serves as an advertising platform for local businesses in and around the Costa Blanca.  For 28 years we’ve been helping connect residents, visitors and businesses. We often say our motto is “turning our readers into your customers”.

But surely print is dead?

Actually not so and in this digital online connected social media world, print is actually making a come back. The problem with platforms like Facebook, are that your timeline is totally full of things you don’t really need to see. Think about it, you probably spend more time scrolling up than actually stopping and reading a post. Your timeline is full of adverts and sponsored content which just adds to the noise. Also,  when you’ve scrolled past,  it’s pretty difficult to find that content again. Facebook marketing simply isn’t ‘sticky’ .

So let’s take a look at print advertising and why it’s more relevant than ever in 2020, specially for local businesses in an expat community.

Enhanced Credibility

Firstly, print helps you establish your credibility. If you’re willing to put your name in print, you’re going to have to be legally operating. It’s so easy for Hacienda to pick up a magazine and simply investigate the people advertising.  All our advertisers pay IVA and of course we then pay that tax back to the government.

Long term or even permanent campaigns show your potential customers that you’re here to stay and that for example should there be a problem they know that they can get hold of you in the future. It shows trust, and that the business knows what it is doing. Your customers also know that if there’s any follow up business to be done they will be able to find you and get hold of you… you can’t beat loyalty and print advertising helps generate that loyalty.

Improved Engagement

Secondly, it’s been proven that print leads to greater engagement, better recall and better retention in the minds of the potential customer. These are perhaps the three most vital aspects of any marketing that you might do. Female Focus covers a wide range of subjects so readers know there’s bound to be something in it for them. This means that people are highly likely to pick up a magazine and simply browse through until they find something they’re looking for. The point is they probably look at every page and on every page is an advert – your advert –  that is just screaming out to get their attention.

We deliberately layout Female Focus in what might seem a somewhat random style. It’s been shown that recall and attention are better with this style, and that’s good for advertisers. By putting interesting content on every page which people read, their eyes are naturally drawn to advertisements around them.


Thirdly, print is versatile. You don’t have to conform to the pixel by pixel sizes for the adverts that social media platforms demand. We carry adverts as small as 1/20th page right upto the double page spreads.  Female Focus has a very successful classified section as well as an At Your Service section. Depending on your budget an advert can cost as little as 30€ per month.

Advertising is ‘On-Brand’

Finally, print offers different styles of advertising. At Female Focus, we will happily support larger campaigns with editorial content  We ensure this content is of interest and not just ramming offers down our readers throats. We ask contributors to go into a bit more depth about the background of their product their business to make the articles interesting to read whilst demonstrating to our readers why they are worthy of a call.

If you are in business and you want your business to get noticed, Female Focus represents an excellent, cost conscious way to get your message out. We often talk about PQRSTUV

  • we have the product (P)
  • we have the quality (Q)
  • we have the reach and readership (R)
  • we have the scope (S)
  • we have the track record (T)
  • and it represents unbelievable value (UV)

We work closely with our customers to help design an advert which is sympathetic to their brand, to their message and to other marketing campaigns that they’re running elsewhere . Our sales team is often considered to be an extra hand in many of the businesses that we serve .

Perhaps the thing we are most proud of is that we have been in business for 28 years and still have customers who were in issue 1 all those years ago .

If you’re interested to discuss how Female Focus can help you get more customers and add to your marketing , call Alan Goswell on 689358232 or email

Article by:

Alan Goswell – Sales Manager – Female Focus Publications
Tel: 689358232