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How you can save money on your security system

Many home and property owners on the Costa Blanca may be paying too much for their monthly monitoring fees. If you have been in a contract with your security company for more than 1 year you may find that you are paying more than you were when you originally took out the contract. There are a number of national companies that will increase the fees year on year without you noticing and you may not even own the equipment. If you review your original contact amount and check with your bank what you are paying now you may be very surprised.

Javea Alarm Systems have one standard charge of €26,00 plus IVA for the length of the contract, this will not increase year on year as it has been the same price for the last 9 years. We feel that with more and more clients switching over to our monitoring services that we do not need to increase the monthly charge. We recently took over a system in la Sella were the client was paying €150,00 per month and had made the contract around 15 years ago, at that time they were paying a lot less. The equipment they had installed was out of date and not working correctly. With the reasonable outlay for a new system the Alarm and CCTV Cameras will pay for themselves within 2 years and then they will be saving around €1400, per year. This is a bit of an extreme case but you get the gist.

We can also take the monthly fee out of the equation totally by using a GSM  monitoring system that sends SMS and/or calls to your mobile or landline. This can easily be set up with the easy installation of a transmitter, antenna and sim card.

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