How To Stop Nuisance Tripping On Your Fuseboard

What is Nuisance Tripping?

Basically a normal domestic fuseboard is made of of two types of components:

  • Circuit breakers (which work on overload or short circuit) ie put more than 10A through a 10A breaker and it trips
  • And diferenciales (easily recognised as they have a test button that should be pressed every couple of months)

The biggest problem we see is when the main trip, diferencial (or RCD in English) jumps thus killing power to all, or large chunks of the installation

So What’s the Difference?

The big difference with a diferencial is that is doesn’t operate/ trip because of overload

It is effectively a scale that measures the current flowing in against the flow out, if there is a difference of 30mA or 0,03A it jumps

This is a tiny amount of electricity, but vital , as this is the primary source of protection against direct or indirect contact with electricity and milliAmps can be fatal

There is a phrase I will never forget during my apprenticeship that was drummed into us

“Volts Jolt, but Amps in Mills Kills”

Good advice!

What’s the Problem?

So the big problem is when the diferencial trips and no-one is home

With no electricity, your Fridge and Freezer will thaw and food can be ruined. Your Alarm will cease to function, Alarm battery backup if fitted will go flat, security cameras that rely on wifi will cease to function,  security lighting will not work and electric gates won’t open – the list is endless.

Why do Differentials trip?

The reasons for this are random and mysterious and very hard to pinpoint even with the best test equipment!!

It can be:

  • a clap of thunder
  • spikes or surges in the supply
  • a faulty appliance
  • rain ingress
  • The list goes on!

So What Can You Do?

Well it is always recommended to install a surge protector in the board, this filters and cleans the supply before it hits the diferencial

But it is not a complete solution

Intelligent Diferencial

There is an intelligent diferencial that when it trips it tests the installation for earth leakage and if it deems a ‘nuisance trip’ will physically lift the lever up and reset itself

It performs various levels of tests, and if it becomes suspicious, repeating the processes for just over an hour, giving the craziest storm time to pass!

Success and Peace of Mind!

I have fitted 100’s of these units and they really do what they say on the tin!!

Thus protecting fridge/freezer contents, alarm system batteries, equipment like cameras that rely on wifi, electric gates (when you arrive home in the rain!) security lighting etc

Particularly useful for people who share time between Spain and their home country, but recommended for all fuseboards

The Cost

Typical installation is 300-350 € but if you send me a photo of your fuseboard, I will be happy to send a no obligation quote.

For free impartial advise please call me

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