Heated Swimming Pools – Integrated Solutions of Economy – Performance – Luxury

Heated Swimming Pools – Integrated Solutions of Economy – Performance – Luxury

Heating a swimming pool is the ultimate option of luxury. Swimming in 28c whilst the air temperature plunges towards 20c is just a blissful experience.

Heating and energy conservation

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For those of us who need – want – like – wellness fitness but need weightless exercise then swimming is the answer. Being able to swim 365 days a year is the perfect solution.

But we are human beings the thought is great but in practise we are lazy and really do not want to stress ourselves with cold uncomfortable conditions.

We are also bombarded with news informing us of impending doom as power prices get higher and higher…..

Heating a swimming pool becomes a strategy. It is far more than boasting about being xyz so called being the best etc etc. Heating a swimming pool is much more than double glazing advertising mentality.

Energy consideration.

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The modern heat pump is efficient based on its COP values. This efficiency is based upon Inverter technology which heats the water to its desired set point and then maintains it with lower energy use.

The heat pump is naturally more efficient during the day and less efficient once the sun goes down at night. As this change in natural physics takes place it means we need the circulation pump to alter its flow to manage the efficiency curve of the heater. The use of “programmable” variable speed circulation helps resolve this issue.

Footnote here, climatic air conditions change quickly – water is 800 times denser than air, therefore its temperature fluctuation is less dramatic. A programmable flow pump is therefore easy to set up to match these fluctuations.

Heating efficiency.

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Day versus Night.

An air source heat pump has an optimal heating performance of +2c degrees. That means +2c difference between water into heater and out of heater.

The more powerful the heater the more volume of water it can heat per hour.

The higher the air temperature the higher the COP and the greater potential volume of water that can be heated. As day becomes night air temperature changes and so does the heat pump efficiency.

COP Values.

Coefficient of performance means for every KW of power used a greater KW of power is created. Inverter air source heat pumps first heat then maintain temperature. Once maintaining their compressors run at much less speed, therefore the COP value increases.

Loosely translated this means more heating power for less consumed power = cheaper to run.

Balance of Power.

High COP is lost if the circulation pump does not match the heating pump. Managing the balance of power enables us to maintain the desired heat whilst consuming minimal power.

Solution Management.

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Managing the solution requires us to fully understand expectations.

All year around swimming is easier than you may think but involves different consideration.

Controlling heat loss.

As we are now bombarded with media that describes how our houses can be so called “eco-friendly” then so also can be the swimming pool.

For 365 days a year swimming we could go to an indoor municipal swimming pool…. but this is a noisy, messy, communal bath.

We are instead considering the luxury of our private pool…

You decide the parameters that suit you best. A shutter cover -polycarbonate or GeoBubble plastic (electric or manual) – a dome cover the swimming pool sun roof, all on, all off, or part on part off with heatsavr to control condensation – heatsavr the liquid pool cover.

Project Management

Delivering the project requires co-ordinating services to ensure all aspects come together at the correct time and are time managed.

The management of a project requires warranty, after sales and risk assessment to understand and deal with in advance the possible pitfalls. Anyone can install a heat pump; the skill is installing everything around it to make it function correctly in any given circumstances.

Practical Installation.

From the moment of arrival to the handover, everything needs to be considered. Is there enough power, where will the appliances be installed, how to deliver appliances to site, noise disturbance to neighbours, other works that may or may not be a hinderance etc etc.


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