Fully Comprehensive Cover…… What Isn’t Covered

Fully Comprehensive Cover…… What Isn’t Covered

Fully comprehensive cover for vehicles is quite popular in Spain. It is estimated that about a third of the 24.5 million vehicles insured in Spain have this type of insurance cover.

The added value of this type of insurance is the peace of mind it gives the policyholder, as it coves your own damage in case of an accident………..but not in all cases. There are certain circumstances where your fully comprehensive does not cover you, here are a few examples:

  • Damages in bad faith, when the policyholder purposely damages the vehicle
  • Accidents between relatives or neighbours, be very careful,  because the insurance companies automatically suspect the accident was staged to submit a fraudulent claim. Neither of the insurers will want to cover the damage to either party
  • Young drivers, the magic age here in Spain is 25, below this you are considered a Young driver, which means higher premiums. If you allow a “young“ driver to drive your vehicle, without being declared in your policy, you will not be covered in case of an accident and claim caused by said young driver.
  • Not having your ITV up to date. Once the car is 4 years old it has to have an ITV inspection every two years, by law. Failure to do this will expose you to a possible fine and your insurer refusing to cover your damage in case of a claim.
  • Taking part in races, either rallies or on a circuit. These need a specific insurance policy, if you don’t have it you get to pay for any damage incurred while participating in these activities.
  • Stolen vehicles, your car has been stolen, bad news, the car is involved in an accident, even worse news!! Don’t worry, as long as you have denounced the theft of the vehicle, the Consorcio de Compensacion will cover the damage and then try to claim the costs from the guilty party.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No insurance company will ever cover the own damage of a drunk driver involved in an accident.
  • Driving without a driving licence, either because you don’t have one, or you have lost it through the points system, the insurer will not cover your damage in case of an accident.
  • Too many passengers. If there are more than the permitted number of people in the vehicle, normally 5 including the driver, again your fully comprehensive cover will not cover you in case of an accident.
  • Failure to assist at the scene of an accident, this is a crime in Spain. This will be used against you by the insurer in order not to pay for the damage to your vehicle, the damage to the other party will of course be covered.
  • Natural Catastrophe. There are certain damages, caused by flooding, earthquake, storms or hurricane, volcanic eruptions, terrorism, or protests, which are not covered by your policy. These will be covered by the Consorcio de Compensacion, a Government body that steps in to cover damage caused by the above.

So yes you have fully comprehensive insurance, yes it covers your own damage, but not always!!

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