Focus On Our Business

Serving the Costa Blanca for nearly 30 years

For nearly 30 years, we’ve focused on serving our community here on the Costa Blanca. We do this by publishing magazines which are relevant, well-targeted, have engaging content, are thoroughly distributed and widely read. By remaining focused on our core principles, we continue to provide an excellent marketing platform for business to reach their potential customers in our community.

In order to achieve this, we have always, and will continue, to evolve our product ensuring it is relevant to readers and businesses alike.

What has evolved?

4 years ago we identified that having a Female centric magazine was more and more leading to us serving only ½ the community and we began a journey which focused on addressing this issue. We upgraded the paper from newsprint to glossy (at no extra cost to our advertisers). We regularly modify our distribution network. We modernised our logo and masthead to make the Focus part more prominent. We have engaged with local writers to supply independent articles relevant to everyone in the community. In short we have focused on the relevance of the magazine to serve the community even better whilst retaining our roots as Female Focus. Our Focus On Professional Services continues to be an excellent physical directory for all businesses, evidence by an industry leading advertiser retention rate.

In short by being focused on our community and our business, we continue to serve our community.

New in 2022

2022 will see us bring the Female Focus magazine title inline with our values and from January 2022 will be known as Focus On Costa Blanca North. Same content, same values, same excellent advertising platform, same good read, and same look and feel. Our logo will essentially be 90% unchanged to ensure readers still see and recognise the magazine and continue to pick it up and enjoy a good read and be made aware of local businesses which combine to inform and making living in our community all that easier.

We will continue to focus on the way we run our business and the product we offer and will continue to evolve to meet our core mission: to serve our community.

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