Car Safety Advice – Brakes


Did you know it takes 53 meters for your car to stop if you are traveling at 80kmph, that’s just over the length of an Olympic sized swimming pool. Now imagine trying to stop without brakes….

Worn Brake pads

Worn brakes are less effective at stopping your car. A brake pedal works by squeezing your brake pads onto your brake discs by way of the brake caliper, this causes friction and stops the car. Overtime the brake pads wear thin, decreasing the ability to stop the car safely. Brake pads should be checked during regular maintenance and an approximate life span given.

Strange sounds

Some car brake pads come with built in wear indicators or sensors, which when worn will either put a light on your dash board or scratch against the disc indicating a need to replace the pads. The longer you wait the bigger the repair bill as the pads will keep on wearing against your brake discs which will then also need replacing.


Pulling when you brake also indicates that you have a braking problem, it could be brake wear or something more sinister like a caliper failure, you need to get this checked out right away.


A vibration under normal braking conditions indicated that something is wrong and needs attention, brake pad wear or warped discs could be a factor along with other things

Brake Fluid

If your brake fluid level is below minimum, you need to have the brakes inspected, this indicated the brake pads are worn and will soon need replacing or you could have some kind of brake fluid leak. Brake fluid should be changed along with your regular servicing. Brake fluid is hygroscopic- meaning it absorbs moisture in the air. We live in a very humid climate and brake fluid absorbs moisture even when we are not using the vehicle, through brake pipes. bad brake fluid will increase the chance of brake failure.

If in Doubt?

If you are in any doubt about a braking issue, here at Costa Car Clinic we will be happy to inspect and advise as to what needs replacing and when, from a noise to a vibration get your brakes checked, at the very least early diagnosis will save money but it could just may save your life.

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