Artificial Sports Grass For A Range Of Sports

Massive Array Of Sports Grasses

Many of you may know that Artificial Grass Spain is one of the most well-established leaders in the supply and installation of Artificial Grass in your garden but did you know we also supply a massive array of Sports grasses.

Great For Golf

Artificial Grass Golf Costa Blanca

For some time now we have supplied artificial sports grass for use at home and golf facilities, with a range of products for putting or driving the ball and with a mix of landscaping grass we can create the most subtle and beautifully integrated golf areas for your garden. I believe some people feel that they wouldn’t want a putting area in their garden because it will stand out too much, but when you team it with the Costa Blanca´s leading garden design company’s, then we can create spaces that are not only practical, but stunning to look at and don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

The Best Football Grass


Artificial Grass Football Costa Blanca

We have also had the pleasure of supplying football grass for private clients, we have the best football grass, its as tough as anything, looks great and the best thing is because, our manufacturer of grass products cares, it requires no infill, no sand, no crushed-up tires. It is fantastic bomb proof artificial grass purpose built for the job.

Paddle & Tennis


We also have paddle and tennis court grasses available for those tennis courts that need renewing and bringing into a new lease of life.

The simple thing is we have every artificial grass product available for your needs.

Great For The Environment

I often get asked questions about the ecological impact of our artificial grasses and there is a simple answer, our grasses are manufactured here in Spain to stringent EU Health and Safety laws, meaning that the product and the people who make it are looked after, the product is 100% recyclable, 100% none-toxic.

Many people often don’t think about the other advantages of artificial grass.

  • You don’t have to waste water on it, something that is becoming a global commodity
  • Your gardener now doesn’t have to drive to your house every week in their van (polluting the atmosphere).
  • They don’t have to use their lawn mower (polluting the atmosphere)
  • When your natural grass doesn´t look good or gets a nasty root eating pest, they don’t have to use chemicals that are harmful to the wider eco system and local environment.

Artificial Grass may not be what everyone wants, but it really should be. I think I can convert anyone with the benefits, ease and the fact it looks great immediately after being laid and for years to come.

Who We Are

Artificial Grass Spain is one of the longest running artificial grass installers and suppliers of the best quality artificial grass manufactured in Spain.

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